#2 of the Red Riley Adventures
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About Diamond White:

From Amateur Criminal to Amateur Vigilante, Kay Riley sets her sights on a dangerous arms dealer.

A cop blamed for a terrible crime, Riley went on the run and was thought to be dead. Not quite. Now Riley is determined to learn the skills she will need to fight injustice on her own terms, from the shadows. Meanwhile, she agrees to help take down a dangerous arms dealer.

Ruby, Marty, and the Shelbys are back to help, along with a new young woman who might, despite Riley’s attempts to warn her away, be the perfect sidekick.

And speaking of kicks, Selena Salerno is back as well, and not at all happy with what Riley has been up to since her apparent death.

Full of lighthearted action, Diamond White chronicles Riley’s attempts to become a master thief and crusader for justice. No capes, no invisible jets, just an old Subaru wagon, a zippy little motorcycle, and some true friends. And yes, there are some diamonds involved.