In our lives, we are all called upon to become heroes or heroines and save the day. This hasn’t happened to S. Andrews yet, so she created Kay Riley.

Questions S. might be asked if they are ever interviewed about Chicago Blue for the Chicago Tribune:

What was your inspiration for the character of Kay Riley?
“Well, I wanted to do a classic ‘Wrong Man’ thriller, but I wanted it to be a woman. Kay doesn’t start out with any extraordinary skills, but she picks things up as she goes along, and she’s a lot sharper than she admits.”

Why do you talk about so many Chicago restaurants?
“I’m often hungry when I write.”

There’s no sex in this book.
“Is that a question? Listen, Kay is BUSY not getting killed. Wait for book two, she gets to go on a date in book two.”

Do you have a background in police work?
“No. Not at all. There’s hardly and procedural bits in the book. I’ll leave that to the greats like Michael Connelly or Louise Penny. I just wanted to explore a woman coming out of her shell and finding herself, but I wanted it to be exciting, and funny too. I hope I hit those notes.

You’ve mentioned book two.
“Is that a question? Yes. Book two, Diamond White, Book Three, Solid Gold, and Book Four, Agent Orange are all available now. Ask for them by name. I also have a non-series book called The Grafton Heist, about a husband and wife who are con artists.

Why the color names?
“That’s an homage to John Macdonald and Walter Mosley, both of whom I’ve always loved. And The Grafton Heist is a nod to the great Sue Grafton.”